Powerful Powder Adhesive Glue Kit
Powerful Powder Adhesive Glue Kit

Powerful Powder Adhesive Glue Kit

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For repairs that require outstanding quality and superior performance, this Powerful Powder Adhesive Glue Kit has become a perfect solution with its unique dual welding adhesive system.

Use two-part (power and adhesive) with unique reinforcing and filling capabilities with cracks, holes and gaps can be repaired to regain their original shape.


  • Can be resistant to high and low temperature. 
  • Quick fix, time in 5-10 seconds or less. 
  • Bond strength is high, the powder cured after the emphasis on bonding material. 
  • Operation is very convenient, anytime, anywhere without conditions. 
  • USAGE: Repairs almost anything from toys,PVC's, and tools, automotive & many more. The Powder to repair Bumper, Grilles, Radiators, Motorcycle Fairings, Electrical Switches, Door Handles, Distributor caps, etc 


  • 1x10 mL Black Powder
  • 1x10 mL Adhesive Glue
  • Package comes with everything you need including adhesive and powder in black, includes full instructions, gloves, scraper, knife and push pin.