Unicorn Floaty
Unicorn Floaty
Unicorn Floaty
Unicorn Floaty

Unicorn Floaty

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This is the Original Unicorn Floaty. Not all Unicorns are created equal, this Unicorn is crafted from high-quality soft-touch vinyl made to support adults and features quick inflatable double valves.

A beautiful, fierce, and wild creature, the Unicorn has eluded humans since the beginning of time. Said to be untamable by man, this breath-taking creature soars through the clouds with elegance and style. Can you tame this mythical beast?

Inflatable Rainbow Unicorn's magical double valve allows for easy inflation with a hairdryer and rapid deflation in less than 3 minutes, while the soft touch vinyl ensures an enchanting ride.

Dimensions: 200x100x90

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